About the Future of Law Blog

I am an entrepreneur and former practicing attorney.  I have founded and participated in several companies over the years; but my longest and most challenging adventure thus far has been with McKinley Irvin, the law firm I founded nearly a quarter century ago.

Although the legal profession seems to see itself as timeless; I see it as clinging to the past, bound by a status quo it thinks it controls, blinded by denial, paralyzed by fear, and most certainly not prepared for what is coming.  But mostly, I find that it fails to live up to its full potential.  I have some ideas about how to change this state of affairs, and I hope to share and further develop these ideas with your help.

For years I’ve studied, thought about, navigated, and innovated while at the helm of McKinley Irvin. In mid-2014, I suddenly realized that I have a lot to say about the practice of law, the business of law, and legal education.  That is how this blog came to be.

This blog is a forum to discuss changes that are occurring within the practice, education, and business of law, and to brainstorm ideas of changes still needed. I’d like all who participate to be bold and opinionated, and at the same time open-minded and respectful of the bold and opinionated contributions of others.

Regardless of when you happen to visit this blog for the first time, please read the Introduction.  This initial post should provide context for all subsequent posts – so you fundamentally understand where I am coming from.

Together we will stay informed, debate, collaborate, have some fun, and, hopefully, influence the future of law.

Contact: @FutureofLawSands@SandsMcKinley.com